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Having read many stories of many here i belive to be genuine and someones dream, I thought it would be one of my many events, which is completely true or not believe their relationship with you. It was the summer of 2007, I was out of work for the day and thought that the local gay dogging site ( for those who know webcamnow suufolk, walking Toby) was to go during the day, more than not to do, so I went in the bathroom, there are two sides of cars near a hole in the wall between the two after a guycame timeout time in the other room and looked through the hole I got up and left my jeans and started my now hard cock 7in straw, some other people in the medical tourists arrived, and who had children with men in the other car then left for what was in full webcamnow swing hard, and anyone using it, it was very hot now webcamnow that I've decided to create a note in the cabin, which would return at 20:00, said that the night would be at a picnic table and leave the laned take all stakeholders. So at 8 pm the night, I was nervous again when Toby walks, but very cool I was walking down the street to see the picnic table, no one thought it would be a bad night, then a man came the bushes and said : they are the whore who replyed yes I left the note in striped pants and shirt, and I was just double lace panties on top of the table disappointed that I fell obyed panties was then said : ok guys this webcamnow is the can give you what you want, all ilook and there were four other guys out of the bushes, the first man took a bottle of lubricating oil and ass covered many of my slides hole with a finger of the other guys picked up my head and pushed his swollen cock in my mouth a man first and then opened my ass cheeks and said, look at these guys a little bitch to use hole for us, he became head of his cock against my hole and pushed the first one was painful but after a few strokesHe knocked on my hole, could harden the boys begin to feel webcamnow the webcamnow cock in my mouth and I knew he was about to shoot his load in her mouth with a few grunts his hot cum hit the back of my throat, makes me gag a little but he held his head, so I had no choice, since all his semen pulled his cock rubbed in his face now that my damn hole hard against his balls hitting her ass with a great shout was swallowing, hot load gave to my hole and pulled out his penis is rubbed on the face i, it was not long before he was replaced by another cock and fucking was filled with my ass in the mouth for all holes with hot milk was more active then and I could not count how many times I was oral and ass, as I thought it was more than up from the table as I was there cocks masturbation in my mouth and face, while other bitches mad at me, one by one, they left me a cum, I admit that I am and I love it, hasBeen to many places gay and other exprience I will say again, if anyone cares
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